5 Tips for Your Job Search During the Holidays

  • Employers hire all year ‘round. In fact, most companies finalize the following year’s budget by early November, so many new positions are funded to start with a new budget year. Don’t put off your job search until January.
  • The holidays offer natural networking opportunities — say “Yes!” to invitations to company parties, social gatherings, and end-of-the-year professional association events. Don’t forget that these events offer as many opportunities for negative attention as positive exposure. Act as if you were at an interview! Smile, engage, be kind, and go easy on the eggnog.
  • Take the opportunity to re-connect with old friends and colleagues. Send a holiday card to previous co-workers and supervisors, people from high school and college, former neighbors. You never know where you next job opportunity may originate.
  • Volunteer! While this is a great idea year-round, there are many opportunities during the holidays to give your time to charities. Some of these opportunities might help you build your network, make new connections, and the experiences can be added to your resume.
  • Make sure you’re reachable during the holidays! Yes, many managers and HR representatives may be on vacation during this time of your, but you need to be prepared to respond at any time. Keep your phone on, and make sure you’re checking your email and voicemail regularly.

Jeff Metzger is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Owner of Reflection Resumes, a whole new approach to resume writing and career services. You can visit Jeff online at www.reflectionresumes.com. He is standing by to help you reflect your best self in your job search.

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