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I never quite fit. I chased dreams, bucked trends, and certainly marched to the beat of my own drum. The corporate world confused me. There were so many rules, written and unwritten that had to be learned and followed. My actual job was just one challenge that presented itself every day. Sound familiar?

Fast forward 20 years. 20 years with some of the largest financial services companies in the world. I held roles of progressive responsibility in operations, training, and customer service, ultimately leading large teams in full-service contact centers. But where was the good?  We made paper from paper (yes...back in the prehistoric days there was paper).

Along the way, I chased the dream. Escape to Key West for five years? Check. Graduate from Culinary School and cook professionally? Check. I kept searching for the round hole that would fit this square peg.  I was able to successfully navigate a variety of working worlds, and learned a lot along the way.  Time to share.

In 2011, I left the office one last time and set out to work for myself and for those who would benefit from what I've learned and what I can do. I finally felt like I was doing good. I was helping others identify their value, document their greatness, and navigate the uncertainly of a job search. While industry certifications alone do not make a great resume writer, they do represent a level of excellence and commitment to our craft.  I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)

After spending several years leading the worlds largest network of professional resume writers, I'm returning to my roots.  This time with a new approach. Gone is the transactional nature of a traditional resume writing service.  In its place an holistic approach to the job search.  All services - Consultation, writing and coaching in one engagement. No extra charges or fees.  One investment in your future.

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